Greg has always been fascinated by bugs, spiders, and multilegged critters of all persuasions. Every now and then, he actually manages to capture one photographically. Here are a handful of Greg's little buddies (so to speak).

This friendly cicada showed up in Minneapolis in August 2001:

[black and green adult cicada on hand]

Two's company, four's a dinner party? A small bumblebee and three yellow bugs (and possibly one other, though it's too well hidden to be certain) share a cluster of tiny flowers near a pond in Minneapolis in August 2003:

[bumblebee and yellow bugs on tiny pink flowers]

At the wee end of the spectrum, every now and then a whole pile of ants comes boiling out of the crack next to the sidewalk. (Too many beans in somebody's diet?) This batch is from May 2004:

[hundreds of small ants next to sprinkler head]

A dragonfly found the screen door restful in August 2004:

[green dragonfly on screen door]

Technically, hermit crabs aren't exactly bugs, but they're small, multi-legged, and cute nonetheless. This guy managed to evade focus on a wall in Cozumel in 2005:

[small hermit crab on peach-colored wall]

This tiger swallowtail has a damaged right wing, but she didn't seem to mind too much as she sat soaking up the rays on an agapanthus flower in late June 2007:

[tiger swallowtail butterfly on agapanthus]

Three months earlier, the black bumblebees were enjoying the pittosporum blooms...

[black bumblebee on pittosporum flower]

...while the golden bumblebees checked out the apple blossoms:

[golden bumblebee hovering among apple blossoms]

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