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The Future of Linux

14 July 1998

Phil Hughes Questions

How much bigger will the Linux market be in 2000?

World domination: how much longer?
[reference to Linus's rather famous stated goal in his .sig or .plan or something]

What is Samba's role in Linux's acceptance?

Corel's Network Computer is running Linux, as is Cobalt's MicroServer (a 7-inch cube)--these are basically Linux appliances.
[not sure what the question was, exactly...]

Open Source is obviously just another fad...isn't it?

What will be the long-term effects on Linux of Microsoft's recent win against Netscape (i.e., bundling MSIE in Win98)?

What do we need to do to get apps (such as from Adobe and Quark, which are the only non-Linux apps used by Linux Journal) ported to Linux?

With regard to the Linux Standard Base (a standard for base-level compatibility across Linux distributions), Red Hat and Debian's standard package formats, Red Hat's early adoption of glibc vs. everyone else, etc.: are we doing this right? Are there too many Linux ``standards''?

What if Microsoft plays the Linux game? For example, Open Windows 99 or Internet Explorer for Linux?

NASA, NIST, the US Postal Service, (IRS?)--is the US Government the first step toward world domination?

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