Bad Habits *

Greg did have at least one bad little habit which (he believes) he's finally broken--namely, the tendency to fire off more strongly worded missives than may, in some cases, have been called for. Yes, it's sad but true: Greg was known on rare occasions to flame away at some deserving or (on at least one occasion) undeserving soul. The most egregious such case involved someone who seemed to be insinuating illegal or unethical behavior on the part of Greg and his cohorts, but who in fact may simply have been asking an innocent newbie question. Alas, our hero's Nuke-o-matic was set on Extra Crispy that day, and a subsequent public apology really didn't make matters right. Oh, the embarrassment.

So Greg resolved to try even harder to think before shooting off his fingers--and amazingly enough, he's actually been pretty successful at it for nigh on ten years now. (See? Men can change! Will wonders never cease?) But be sure to whack him upside the head if he ever suffers a relapse. . .

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* Our buddy Dilbert is, of course, the creation of Scott Adams and is © 1994 United Feature Syndicate, Inc. Despite his mild-mannered exterior, Dilbert is no stranger to flamage...