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How to Contact Me

Alas, spam has taken its toll (see below for numbers), so Greg has reluctantly decided to remove his e-mail address from his web pages. (This will take a while...) Though his e-mail address has not (yet?) changed, it will eventually be visible only via the image below:

[e-mail address]

Those who wish to send PGP- or GnuPG-signed (or encrypted) e-mail can find Greg's public key here.

Why obfuscate? The numbers tell the story; here's a graph of spams per day in Greg's personal accounts for the 14-year period from 1995 through 2008:

[ooo, pretty...]

Note that these counts include not only "true" spam but also viruses/worms, bogus bounce messages due to spam/viruses/worms that forge their headers ("blowback"), and virus spam from Symantec, McAfee, et al., who persist in sending advertisements (not so cleverly disguised as cleanup messages) to sender addresses forged by known header-forging viruses/worms. Bah.

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