Bachelor of Something

It's embarrassing but true: Greg received his Bachelor of Physics, Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics and Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Minnesota in June, 1985. ``Triple major'' sounds so stuffy, though... It was really more like two and a half degrees, since physics and astrophysics had a lot of overlap. (He received his Masters in physics from the University of Chicago in August 1987, mainly as an excuse to get paid more at Bell Laboratories that summer. His doctorate in physics finally came in December 1995, mainly as an excuse to get paid more at Philips Research.) :-)

For the record, one of his little sisters (Stacey) graduated from the U of M with a double major in Spanish and English, but since she did so through the College of Liberal Arts instead of the Institute of Technology, she only got one diploma. What a raw deal, eh? No wonder IT regularly cleans CLA's clock. (That's a little U of M inter-college rivalry...)

For those of you charming young bachelorettes who came to this page looking for a Real Stud Hombre Cyber-Muffin, well, you came to the right spot. But for those of you who came here looking for an eligible bachelor of the non-matrimonially encumbered persuasion (and who somehow missed the wedding photo back on Greg's home page): fortunately for you, he's safely off the market and fully intends to stay that way.

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