How to Waste a Great Deal of Time

(This was written in 1995.)

Much to the chagrin of Jean-loup, Greg is a Doom nut. This is not to say that he approves of whatever negative effects its violence may or may not have on kids--and Greg's nieces are Doom nuts, too, by the way--nor that he believes it's the pinacle of technical excellence in game programming. Heck, Greg just thinks it's fun, and since it runs natively under Linux and Descent doesn't [or didn't at the time this page was originally written]...well, there you have it.

Anyway, Greg has never designed a Doom level, nor has he played more than a handful of the unquestionably cool ones out there. But he did make some 256-color Doom icons in 64x64 X pixmap format for use with fvwm under Linux:

[close-up of our hero's head] [wimpy marine zombie] [brown imp] [gnarly chaingun commando]

[beta pain elemental (new cacodemon) about to spit a fireball] [mancubus (fat boy) sucking rockets] [beta mancubus shooting green stuff] [close-up of mancubus head]

[arachnotron (baby spider demon) at an angle] [arachnotron vs. shotgun] [close-up of beta arachnotron face/chaingun] [close-up of beta arachnotron pissed and firing]

The middle-right one in the bottom row, for example, makes a fine telecommunications icon since the spider's chaingun looks kind of like the rotary dial on an old-style telephone. At least, Greg thinks so... (Then again, no one has ever accused him of being remotely normal.)

A few of these were converted to OS/2 icon format but never distributed.

Once upon a time there was a cool place called DoomGate that had more Doom info than anyone could ever want, but it died of natural causes sometime in the final four years of the millenium. But wait! As of 2004 it's been resurrected elsewhere:


Outstanding! No doubt it has something to do with the August 2004 release of Doom 3, just over ten years after the original was released. What a lovely anniversary gift, eh? Now we just need the Linux version...

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