Roelofs, Pennsylvania

Yea, verily: Greg has a town (or something) in Pennsylvania named after him, no doubt due to his extremely gnarly programming skills. You just have to be in awe of something like that. Here's a real, live, computer-generated map of the place:

[scanned map showing Roelofs, Pennsylvania (USA)]

This map was scanned from part of a printout that came from one of Greg's friends' CD-ROM atlas of some sort, copyright © 1993 DeLorme Mapping. It was slow but moderately cool (for a Windoze program).

Unfortunately the place is far too close to New Jersey for Greg's taste (in fact, the upper righthand corner is New Jersey), but some compromises had to be made. He's hoping that maybe after he does a little more hacking it can be moved to a studly state like Minnesota.

Update June 2000: A bigger and color-enhanced online version from not only shows the town of Roelofs but also a Roelofs Road to the east (just north of Pennsbury High School).

Roelofs Gully, Michigan

And it gets better! The Getty Research Institute's Thesaurus of Geographic Names indicates that there is a second hotbed of Roelofs activity in Michigan (thanks to Keith Dawson for the pointer), and TopoZone places it just northeast of the confluence of the Rabbit and Kalamazoo Rivers:

[section of TopoZone map showing Roelofs Gully, Michigan (USA)]

Damn. Gullies are cool. (Though not quite as cool as gulches...``Roelofs Gulch'' would be cooler, what with the buzzards and dead animals and stuff. You betcha.)

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