Pretty OS/2 Backgrounds From David Barnes

All of these images are available in their original 640x480 OS/2 BMP format from somewhere in Kentucky. Three smaller, tileable backgrounds (including the original grayscale version of this page's background, called swirl2) are included as well.

Coming soon: Ten more even cooler OS/2 and Warp logos from David Barnes. NOT! By golly, it turns out that David has his own web page, and not only that, but he also has six pages full of his Warp and OS/2 logos. Greg can hardly compete with the master (and wouldn't want to try), so here you go:

Greg will probably pick out a few of his very favorites and eventually replace the ones herein with those...

Here's a rather standard logo; it makes a nice, low-key OS/2 background:

[gray (metallic) `OS/2' on a slant]

Here's a more psychedelic image; not recommended for people who are already doing some serious tripping, but not bad for those who wish to do so:

[multi-colored, twisted `OS/2' on a B/W Mandelbrot background]

Another fractal-inspired logo:

[multi-colored `OS/2' superimposed on a dark Julia-set(?) background]

Something a little less run-of-the-mill:

[texture-mapped, colored `OS/2' wrapped around a reflecting egg]

Still more unusual:

[3D texture-mapped, blue/green snakeskin `OS/2' on a brick background]

Finally, one last, 3D texture-mapped show-stopper:

[multi-color, tiled `OS/2' on a two-part, texture-mapped background]

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