Spiffy Ray-Traced OS/2 Pictures from Random Bozos

Ha ha, just kidding about the bozos part. This page was split at the beginning of the summer; in addition to the David Barnes backgrounds page, Greg also created a miscellaneous OS/2 pictures page with games screenshots and other nifty stuff. (Actually, some of the games pictures are themselves ray-traced, but let us not nitpick over trivialities.)

All of the inlined images are interlaced GIFs, mostly between 20K and 35K. Most of them have links to larger images (or to zipfiles containing the larger images), all of which worked as of mid-1995. The ones with no links were deleted from Walnut Creek's incoming directory in August 1995 and no longer exist. Unfortunately this includes the `Divine Intervention' and `Warp It Up' images...

Starting off the collection is an amusing one by Matthew Glenn ``Gargoyle'' Beall (gargoyle@ginch.dial.umd.edu). The humor is a little tricky to read in the small version, and since the large one is no longer available, here's the text: ``...let us therefore cast of the works of darkness...and let us put on the armour of light.''. This was made with 3D Studio 4c1 (which actually does scanline rendering rather than true ray-tracing) in two hours on unknown hardware running OS/2 Warp:

[computer dude being handed OS/2 Warp by God]

This newest Gargoylean image features another (much better looking) humanoid. As with the others, it was made with 3D Studio, and before you ask: no, Gargoyle is not from Germany or Belgium or wherever Warper recently departed:

[computer dude blasting off from Europe with OS/2 Warp in his hands]

Here's another image by Sir Gargoyle, again taking a poke at our least favorite pretender to an operating system:

[spotlight shining through stained-glass Windoze, casting OS/2 shadows]

One more:

[volcanic crater with `OS/2' in middle, forest and clouds surrounding]

This hot ray-traced item is yet another by Mr. Gargoyle, based on an idea by brend@cs.colostate.edu. No rendering info was given on this one, but it seems likely that it was again done with 3D Studio:

[Hallway with elevator: from Windows (sub-basement) to Warp (top floor)]

Here's another lovely rendered background, this time by ``Michas from Germany'' (dvzmi@fh-duesseldorf.de). It too was created with 3D Studio 4 (do we sense a pattern here?), in six hours on unknown hardware. Gotta love that glassy floor:

[Warp boxes tiling floor, with floating 3D `OS/2' circles and a monitor]

Still another OS/2 Warp box, this time warping out of Earth orbit in what appears to be another 3D Studio rendering by an unknown artist. The big version used to be on Hobbes, but the entire bmp directory has now been removed. Alas, Greg was rather fond of the little moon at the upper right:

[OS/2 Warp box warping out of Earth orbit with Moon in background]

Here's a fine, understated OS/2 background by Clint Wheeler of pcF/X Productions (pcfx@unix.infoserve.net):

[`diamond ring' eclipse with 3D `OS/2 Warp' in foreground darkness]

This pair was unabashedly swiped from Faheem Ahmed's Groovy OS/2 Bitmaps page in the UK. Neither one was credited, although Greg saw the second one on an IBMer's system several months ago and has been looking for it ever since (reportedly it's a modified version of one of the official POV-Ray demo scenes):

[`OS/2' in Star Trek font, lit by a Window]

[3D Pac Man sucking down Windows balls above shiny `OS/2' floor]

There will, of course, be more images to come as soon as Greg manages to find them. Whoa, gnarly!

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