More OS/2 Pictures

Starting off the second part of Greg's OS/2 pictures collection is an image that might actually be another one of David Barnes' backgrounds. This was sucked out of Faheem Ahmed's collection and had no attribution:

[gray embossed `OS/2 Warp' logo]

This one not only consists of a lovely background but is in fact a complete desktop. Peter Conteos ( is responsible for this piece of artwork in action, although Greg created the Doom icon (left side, sixth from the top, one in: a pink ugly biting the dust):

[gorgeous custom desktop with `WARP' background and multiple icon bars]

Here's a zinger at Windoze 95, non-ray-traced but still lovely; Darryl TiCian created it and has a link to a larger version on his DigiMages page:

[`Windoze 95' desktop peeling away from the real background:  OS/2]

These two are pre-release screen shots of Avarice, the new Myst-like game developed by Continuous Software Systems ( and distributed by Brad Wardell's Stardock Systems ( Greg even joined the beta program, by golly:

[rendered entryway with tiled floor and cannon visible through door]

[close-up of cannon, with staircase and fractal tapestry in background]

And this is what the game looks like in its final release (July 1996). Yowza!

[entry hall again, with player talking to a random blonde babe]

[a study with lots of space photos and a large lunar(?) globe]

[the library, with a table, a bookcase, and `naked' Earth image on wall]

[part of the kitchen]

And this is a pre-release screen shot from Entrepreneur, the new simulation game from Stardock Systems (; lots more screenshots and information are available on their page:

[`satellite' map of North America with three startups & pretty buttons]

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